Want to change the voice while in call Here is the Android app|Latest version


Everyone uses a smartphone or android phone most of the time nowadays, they rarely enjoy with their friends and spending some time with them is not like before it’s changed a lot now. Everyone was busy on their own life as a mechanical life with no fun at all. If you need fun, all you need to do is have one smartphone and one Android app used for fun.

Yes, you can have entertainment if you install this android app on your phone that will help you make fun of your friends. There is a lot of ways to make fun with friends. One of the ways is speaking with them in a new voice and prank them, But our phone doesn’t have a voice changing option, but the play store has one that could help you. Many voice changers only work offline, which means you can’t use that on call, but you can use this app on call and change the voice when you are on call.

As I said, you need a big stress buster like this in this whole stressful world people don’t have this kind of fun moment these days, so don’t forget to enjoy every moment.

There are a lot of android apps for everything you need.

Finally, I will tell the android app name. It was called “MAGIC CALL – Voice changer App” it is available on the play store.

Features Of This Android App

1. This magic call android app is free to download and use.

2. It has an Easy interface that everyone can use without hassle.

3. It has the option to change the voice during call one to other for many times that you can change the voice and prank your friends

4. They give some reward points when you register for the first time.

5. There lot of voices are available in this app example Children, women, cartoons and etc.

6. You can make some sound effects to confuse your friends the sounds like a kiss, clap and many more like them

Having one app like this will be great for your own good time with your friends.

You will have a great experience if you use this correctly.

You can download the app by searching the name on the play store 

Or you download it by just clicking here.





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