How to pay Your Credit Card Bills And Earn Rewards – Android App For Paying Credit Bills


In the modern world, many people use a credit card to pay most of their bills. Using a credit card for paying your bills is not that easy and not that transparent, and it has some hidden costs inside many times. We have solutions that most credit card payers use nowadays, A android App from the Play Store.

The Android App Called CRED will help you pay your credit bills, and you can earn some rewards if you are paying with this app.

Earn More In The IPL Season

Yes, you are heard that correct if you are using a credit card and trying to pay the bill with the CRED app, then do you know what time is the best time for that? It was during IPL match power play overs.

Yes, you can get up to 100% cashback if you are paid your credit card bill during power play overs of the IPL match. The power play is happening between 1-6 over.

So if you want more rewards, try to pay while IPL match that could match changing for you.

CRED Android App Reviews And Features

This Android App can be used by members only.

If you want to use this android application, your credit score needs to be over 750.

Paying With the CRED Android App, you will avoid the hidden charges that cause you to trouble this.

It has genuine and has over 5 million downloads from the play store

You can manage multiple credit cards given by multiple banks in one Android app.

You can download the Android  app from the play store by Searching CRED  in the plays store or Clicking here to download



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