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free live tv for android

We are in a world where we can’t live without technology. Most of us have the habit of spending most of the time on mobile, in the old days we are used to spending the time on entertainment, but now we don’t have the time for that and situation. We often in the house where we can find the Tv to watch, so if you want to watch your lovable program, you need to pay to see that and even a little more to see on the mobile. But I have a solution for that. There is one app that could help you out on that matter.

Yes, There is one android app that is available free to watch every channel you loved to watch. That app is called in many names, the most loved app for watching TV.
So this is the IPL season. People loved to watch cricket, but they need to pay for that, but if you have This Android app on your phone, it is all free for you. You don’t need to pay a single penny for that.

Having an app like this in your hand and free is very useful for you, So you won’t regret this app getting away from you.

Giving many channels and movies for free is not easy, but this app provides everything free without any hidden charges.

It’s is a time for significant sports events, so you must need some app to watch everything that you loved most of the time in your life.

If you are in another country, this Android app is a powerful solution for your daily entertainment needs for sure So that you won’t miss any serials and shows.


This android app has many features that you can love.

1. You can watch many channels from all over the world that makes this app great.

2. Not only TV, but you can also listen to radio channels as well like others.

3. All the channels are available from all kinds of languages.

4. Easy interface to use the app for all types of users.

This Android Application you cant find in any other place easily.

This is one of the apps which most searched in recent times for watching TV channels for free.

As I said, this is the season of IPL and the biggest Cricket Sports event on earth that you can watch that On this android app for free.

About this Android app

This app is more like another app. It needs proper approval to work correctly.

So, You need to give the permissions to that app to work fine on the android phone.

This app is small-sized, so it will not allocate much space to your phone.

A small-sized app so you can watch on old mobiles which you have.


Oreo App

This is another good android app. You can watch many free and paid channels for free without any doubt.

This android app has the most extensive collection of local and international channels.

You can watch a lot of premium apps to free.


Android apps are always convenient in the segment of features, So does this android app also.

You can easily understand the interface that they are given.

You can quickly see your lovable series in the one-touch with the help of this android app.

You can do many things with software like this, so you don’t need to worry, but software like this should cost something in real life, but here it is for free.

If you are outside your country and don’t have any fun, this software will give you a speedy recovery in your mood.

There are Tons of android apps are available for watching free channels and programs on your  mobile,

If you are ready to pay, several apps will provide the channels and shows affordable. Those apps are listed under the segment of Live Tv apps in the Play Store.

Once You search with the name, you will be able to download many Apps in that segment. You can choose the best one for you that suits your budget.

Jio Tv

This app gives you another good chance to watch all the Indian channels for free with one method provided below.

You may be staying abroad, but you love Indian shows, then all you need to do is log in with your friends or relation Jio number with the help them. After that, you can easily watch all the channels for totally free.

And one more thing, they provide many premium channels for free so you won’t disappoint.

App Features

Available in the play store with an excellent, dependable rating.

You can watch up to 600 channels in 15 different languages.

All sports channels included.

You can pause and play the channels at your time.

Low on data, you can choose low quality to save the data.

Important Things to Note

Before you use this app for your own, you must know that this app is only for the people using the jio network provided by Sim, so don’t forget to log in with the jio number to enjoy the benefits.

You can download the Jio Tv from Here



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