4 Apps that you must installed in your phone!


We are in the technology world having smartphone is must in these days,If you have smart phone then you must have some apps to use with your personal work.

There is 5 Apps is there that must usefull for you and that you must have in your phone.

Let’s see the first one..

Last Pass :

In normal life remembering password is really hard one for me so does many , most of us facing the same problem every time.

Because we put different passwords for different type of web sites and forget that after.

Every time we need to do the forget passwords options to regain your access.

Don’t worry anymore there is one Android app that will end your all problems on this.

Yes, That is Last Pass android app it will help you to remember every password that you used in every diffrent websites.

It will help you in filling the payment details fast in chack out pages ,that you don’t need to worry anymore.

Going on the unsecured sites it will make sure your payment data are safe and give alert to you.

It had sign up option so you can sign up and later you can log in from any device that you want.

Play Store Link


F-Secure Freedom:

The next important one is this vpn app because using the WiFi networks is really daily thing in these days.

If you are using your own WiFi networks thay will not make any kind of problem , If you are in public place and using public WiFi for your work that could be problem.

Because there is lot of hackers can steal your data from unsecured WiFi.

Then here is the solution if you are using F-Secure Freedom you will be very safe in that app.

That app will make your connection secure without any kind of problem.

This is the best in business and free for use.

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This navigation app that is used for calculating your speed on the road .

If you are at travel or siting behind and want to know how fast you are going then this app could be more helpful for you.

This one app will help you on speed and viewing on the map us well .

Going too fast in some area could be problem so you can use this and stay within the limits.

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Nova Launcher:

Many of us is crazy about theme and launcher,There is lot of launcher are available in the app market but this one is perfect for your phone.

User friendly interface and unique theme design to use with.

Unique notification drawer to be seen in the notification bar that makes you love this app.

You can hide the app inside the launcher to save you display space.

Having many specs like this you will love this app for sure.

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